ISTJ Personality Type 

The Implementers and maintainers of process


ISTJ personality types generally are logically strong willed individuals who use thinking and adherence to systems is orientated to achieving desired goals. Systems = Efficient action.

While their counterpart the INTJ may spend a considerable period of time divergently thinking about how problems and scenarios might unfold, the ISTJ is more concerned about the here and now. Now = Let's make it happen. I will implement it. I know how.

In say a technology field like Information systems, they will be the "Whiz Techie" whose knowledge will allow them to vertically drop into the most technical and precise of aspects.


ISTJs get a great kick in being technical experts or diligently hardworking, it makes them a valuable team (tribe) member.

Following on from the main traits it is observable that ISTJs tend to be;

Organized, methodical and timely.

Loyal, dependable and possessing integrity.

Adhering of processes, such as laws and regulations.

Potential negative traits;

Overly adhering to processes and systems, Bureaucratic overkill.

Excessive diligence, by assuming too higher a workload.

ISTJ preference accounts for approximately 17% males and 9% Females. From another source it is estimated the total weighted average is approximately 12%.


Here's an interactive ISTJ Personality trait matrix -> Personality traits

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